• SnapOutOfIt -Nov 2014
    -Android wear development
    In Australia GoldCoast hackathon, it has released. It send message via android wear when it detect stress value related with heart rate sensor.
  • ANQ -Nov 2014
    -Android/Server development
    Built social communication service based on Q&A. Developing android application and question-bot using social API for growth hacking. Architecting server API using for communicating with ios app.
  • MyCarIsOn -Sep 2014
    -Android wear development
    In AT&T Car hackathon, it has released. Using android wear to making notification service for young child driver.
  • DayAtti -Jul 2014
    -Android/Server development
    Launched to social dating service based on Q&A. Key responsibility is that built algorithm to match someone daily. pushing, chatting service.
  • InteractionDJParty -Sep 2013
    -Mobile Web/App development
    In creator planet 2013, I released to real time web application for music collaboration. Use Node.js,, JQuery Mobile.
  • MoneyNetwork -Jul 2013
    -Android/Server development
    Launched to android application for advertisement on lock-screen. Built server API and support administration page maintenance and made ad system that enable to deliver it to target user.


Google Play
Make a new sound. BPParticle. The tone of sound could vary with color and shape. It is made by using puredata(libpd). (Android Application)


Detail Info
Make harmony with friend in real time. BPHarmony is made by using node.js(,html5(canvas),web audio api(jsfx library).


Google Play
Here is BPBeat Pro. Create your own rhythm, shake your body to the beat!!! Very easy and simple, unbeat rhythms make music that can be all ages. Also, it's FREE!!!
Key Features:
  • 0) BPBeat Pro was fully upgraded from the existing BPBeat Lite.
  • 1) Rhythm-Beat create, storage
  • 2) 120 voices change, pitch change
  • 3) Loop-Beat create, storage
  • 4) Adjust the per-track volume, pan, mute
  • 5) lightweight, small resources that you do not need streaming
  • 6) Your own albums can be shared (In the future, additional factors)


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Star City is social game in Nate platform. Rubicon Games' first city building simulation game this had launched in Nate AppStore in 2010. This game is currently not available. I participated this project for leading to front-end development.


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Soundus is mash-up application. It provide local news and express music genre depending on interest rate for users. This site is currently not available.